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Cst. Douglas James Larche

June 4, 2014

Gun Shot

RCMP Codiac Detachment

On June 4, 2014 three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were shot and killed in Moncton, New Brunswick, by a heavily armed lone gunman. Two other officers were injured. After a lengthy search the gunman was found and arrested.

On Wednesday June 4, at approximately 7:20 PM, calls started coming in to the Moncton call centre about a lone man dressed in camouflage carrying what appeared to be a rifle and bow. RCMP officers were dispatched to the area. At approximately 8 PM, after confronting the gunman, shots were heard and three RCMP officers were killed with two others sustaining injuries. The gunman fled into the woods leading to lengthy search. The next day the gunman was arrested without incident.

Constable Douglas James Larche, 40, responding to the call was shot and killed by the heavily armed gunman. Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, he joined the RCMP at Moncton, New Brunswick and graduated from the RCMP Training Academy “Depot” on February 4, 2002, when he was posted to “J Division”, New Brunswick, including Doaktown and more recently, Codiac Detachment. He worked in Highway Patrol and General Duty Policing and was an investigator with the Codiac General Investigation Section/Major Crime Unit.

Cst. Larche is survived by his wife and three young daughters. Our condolences go out to his family, friends, and colleagues.