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Inaugural Memorial Ribbon Scholarship Golf Tournament Set to Take Place August 15, 2019

The Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Ribbon Society is hosting their first fundraising golf tournament at the beautiful Newlands Golf and Country Club in Langley, British Columbia. The goal of the Society’s scholarship program is to lessen the burden on the families of Canada’s fallen heroes and make the dream of post-secondary education a reality to all the children of the police and peace officers who have given their lives protecting our communities.

The goal of the golf tournament is to raise $25,000 towards supporting five children of fallen officers to attend a Canadian Post-Secondary School of their choosing.

“Daily, we see our people in uniform serving in their many jobs, but rarely stop to think about the ultimate risk and sacrifice that some pay while they are performing their jobs in the line of duty. Yet if you talk to them, you will realize that they view their job as an honour and privilege to serve. The risk comes with the territory and they are proud to protect us.

We feel the loss of each of these officers as they are announced, but perhaps don’t think of the long-term consequences of this loss to the individual families as the years go by, and their children grow up without their mother or father.

Tough choices, lonely choices. Particularly for the costs of post-secondary education.

I ask myself, how can such a compassionate and caring society not in some way ensure that these children are provided for as they grow up. To give each access to education excellence that we would be proud of for each of our own sons and daughters. For make no mistake, they are our sons and daughters. Each of these children is Canada’s ward, and we should embrace them and ensure that their educational needs are met if they wish to proceed with post-secondary education.

The burden of paying for post-secondary education can be heavy, and weighs on these families as they make education decisions. Indeed, ask any police officer – it weighs on their mind as they respond to danger. What if this is the one where I don’t come home? Who will look after the kids? What about their future?”

Scholarship Foundation Chair Scott Shepherd

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