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Cst. Ian Jordan

April 11, 2018

Motor Vehicle Incident

Victoria Police Department

On April 11 2018, 66 year old Victoria Police Department Constable Ian Jordan died, after receiving a traumatic brain injury 30 years ago, following a serious vehicle incident while responding to an early morning call.

Constable Jordan was working the nightshift on September 22, 1987 and was at the Victoria Police Station at 625 Fisgard Street when an alarm call was received from 1121 Fort Street. Believing the call to be an actual Break & Enter in progress, Ian rapidly made his way to his vehicle parked outside.

The platoon dog handler was traveling south on Douglas Street after having “called for the lights” at Douglas and Fisgard; asking that dispatch switch the signals to red in all directions. “Calling for the lights” was normally done so that dispatch staff could switch over lights to red, stopping any and all other traffic and giving the unit that made the call clear access to their destination.

The attending units were unaware that Ian had left the station upon hearing the call as Ian had actually been injured earlier that evening at an unrelated call and his shift believed he had gone home.

Ian’s police vehicle and the southbound police unit collided in the intersection resulting in serious leg injuries to Cst. Ole Jorgenson. Ian however, was gravely injured, having struck his head on the car’s interior roll bar and was rendered comatose.

Ian Jordan never fully regained consciousness.

The Victoria Police Department maintained a radio channel and scanner at Ian’s bedside until his recent passing.

Ian was 35 years old at the time of the incident, and he left behind his wife Hilary and their son Mark. Our condolences go out to the family, friends and colleagues.