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Presentations Made to Families & Agencies of Fallen Heroes

One of the goals of the Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Ribbon Society is to foster a continued relationship between a fallen officer’s family and that officer’s agency. In the past, when as officer was killed in the line of duty, the family was sometimes forgotten about once the funeral was over. Today the Society works to keep the family involved with the law enforcement community so that a healing dialogue can continue. As a first step, working with the officer’s home agency, the Memorial Ribbon Society presents a limited edition ‘Salute to Our Fallen Heroes’ print to the family depicting officers saluting a slain officers hat on the steps of the National Memorial Pavilion, while the spirits of officers in the Pavilion return the salute. The Society also presents a memorial plaque to the agency, so that all of their members and the public will not forget.

Over the years we have found that our work helps the relationship between the agency and family to become stronger – the family remains an important part of the agency, invited to agency events throughout the year.

In the last several years we have made this presentation to the families of several fallen officers from across Canada; photos of these presentations can be found below.